Color Picker AR
Color, design, inspiration - all in one app!
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Turn photos and images into color palettes
Color picker has two modes - manual & auto. Pick colors that you like, save and edit later.
Generate color palette in seconds with the palette Generator
Auto generate a palette or enter a specific HEX code. Adjust the palette right away if you want.
Detect & collect colors with a Camera
A fast way to collect colors that you like. The app will tell you the name & the HEX code of the color.
Edit your color palette with precision
A very agile editing mode for your convenience.
What users say about Color Picker AR
WOW i can't believe this app is so masterpiece god i was searching for an app like this i love it a lot and the animation- is so AMAZING, I love it i must give it 5 starts :D. I really recommend this to others too
That's too much 💖✨
The app is amazing! I was looking for an application that would meet all my requirements and this one fits perfectly with what I need.
Hands down the best color picker app. So many features! I enjoy being able to automatically generate a palette.
Easy to use and intuitive. Well worth paying for the Pro.
IThis app is excellent. It is simple (easy to use) and very useful. A complete and perfect app for those who like or need colors in their daily lives.
Literally my favorite app. Great for Graphic Designers and so fun for anyone who has a color obsession like me haha If I see color pallets I like in ads, walking around, or in nature, I snap a pic and use the color palette for a design later. So easy to use!
I love it, it's very good, I just put an image then I give it the color I want and it already tells me the code, I recommend it!✨
Fluid UI. this app is actually user intuitive plus it does just what you'll expect it to do.
Easy to use, intuitive UI, many features, no Subscription - pay once and use freely